In the event you have had an Internet hosting account in the past, you may have come across a situation where you pay for some unrestricted feature only to find out later that it happens to be limited and you've got a fixed quota. This may happen with the hdd space, the database storage, the monthly bandwidth and other features which many web hosting providers show in a way that's different from what you will really have. That's the so-called overselling, which service providers use so that they can attract customers although they are aware that they are unable to provide their clients with the features they promote usually due to the type of their hosting platform or in the case of the resellers - because they have some limits from the actual hosting provider.

No Overselling in Web Hosting

You'll never encounter a situation where you won't be able to use some of the characteristics we offer with our web hosting solutions because we do not oversell and we really provide what we offer. Leaving aside the fact that building mutual trust is something we truly believe in, we can afford to offer you even limitless features as unlike a number of competitors, we don't run everything on just a single server. Instead, we've created an excellent cloud platform where the file storage, databases, Control Panel, e-mails, and almost any other service has a separate cluster of servers to manage them. This setup enables us to add hard drives for additional disk space and entire machines for extra processing power, so we can never exhaust the system resources. Our own Hepsia Control Panel was designed to run in the cloud, so in case you obtain one of our hosting packages, you shall be able to take full advantage of what you have paid for all the time.

No Overselling in Semi-dedicated Servers

All of our semi-dedicated server packages come with lots of unrestricted features, but in contrast to other providers, we don't oversell and we can really afford to offer unlimited disk space or databases. What lies behind our certainty is a cutting-edge cloud platform which incorporates a number of clusters, each managing a specific service - files, email addresses, statistics, databases, etcetera. Since we are able to add as many disk drives or servers to each of the clusters as needed, we can practically never run out of system resources, so in case you pay for anything unlimited, you'll really get it. Our Hepsia web hosting Control Panel was intended particularly for this custom cloud setup, so if you use a semi-dedicated server plan from our firm, you can get the most out of your sites.